COVER YOUR EYES WHEN CROSSING THE USA-CANADIAN BORDER! This sign may provoke you to terrorism!

The USA@CANADA Big Yellow BORDER SIGN is to be DISMANTLED because (and get this jewel of disinformation) it might cause terrorism! per the Feds. Pfff that is ABSURD!

This big bright sunny yellow sign that merely says, “UNITED STATES,” is now deemed guilty of possibly rattling the psyche of some future boogeyman “terrorist”! Is anyone buying into that?

Let’s “read between the lines” to find a more likely reason to remove the USA reference at the Canadian border, ie, DISSOLUTION OF NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY in the minds of men! The push for a consolidated NORTH AMERICAN UNION (NAU=USA, Canada & Mexico) is alive and well. The CFR issued a press release back around March 2005 that they wanted the NAU by 2010:

Link to the report I assembled and posted about that bsck on April 3, 2005:

…which included the CFR press release link:…
Press Release: Trinational Call for a North American Economic and Security Community by 2010


And now Prez Obama was just in Mexico this past weekend carrying the torch toward that goal. Headline from this week’s 4/12/09 newsletter:

V. President Obama announced that the path to establishing the North American Union needed to be renewed “aggressively”!

Once again, Obama proves that he is only following the Illuminati script. He is bringing very little “new” to the table.

NEWS BRIEF: “Obama Declares: North America Union needs aggressive, coordinated action”, USA Today, reported by InfoWars, August 10, 2009

“GUADALAJARA, Mexico … President Obama said Monday that he and the leaders of Mexico and Canada have agreed to ‘aggressive, coordinated action’ to restore growth across North America.”

Read more here, scroll down to article #5:

Look for other “signs” to be coming down as time moves on. Many USA national park signs were changed a few years back to include that the parks were now under supervision by the United Nations! Reference Alex Jones video where he drove across country to several national parks just to video the signs and ask park rangers if they even noticed or knew what it meant.

Or this link can get you up to speed on that:

Feel free to come to your own conclusions re the dismantling of the border sign, but please do your homework first. The “signs” are everywhere :-/ or not, in this case. :)

Here’s the link to the NYTimes article re the 21-foot sunny yellow USA border sign being dismantled because it “poses a security threat” (nonsense!) :

PS: I learned of that article via a post by ★ PENTAGRAM ✩ Design Co. who I signed up to follow because of their “interesting choice” of company name, but that’s a whole ‘nother story for some other day. :)

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