Time Magazine Covers: USA vs. Everybody Else


Check out the above very telling spread of Time Magazine covers:

Row 1:  They WANT America to be anxious!

Row 2:  The Bible is being purposely mocked as its cover is shown to be similar to the “___ For Dummies” series of books!

Row 3:  Mocking us with their “Great” sexualized, liberalized, dumbed-down public school system!

Row 4:  The rest of the world is going over the edge of the waterfall but America gets blamed due to our supposed “excess”!  (Oh sure, we’re all so rich & spoiled.  Not!)

Row 5:  The rest of the world is adrift in a sea of debt due to the USA, of course, while they want us to be distracted by the dog & pony show called Elections!

Row 6:  The rest of the world gets informed re China while we get that Glenn Beck New World Order operative & puppet sticking out his tongue at us!

Row 7:  We get trivial man/woman “Chore Wars” while the rest of the world reads about Islam!

Row 8:  America Censored (or accused of being Silent) while the rest of the world is told Afghanistan cannot be saved. Our fault, of course!  

From the “big messages” alone, they tell us how much we are despised for being America. It reads like an “in your face/here’s what we think of you before we take you down” threat from TPTB!

Wow. I can hardly wait to see what their covers lineup will be for 2012! (not!) 

Photo was originally posted at VigilantCitizen.com: 

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