“White House turns pink for October, cancer awareness month. October is also ‘gay lesbian etc., history month’ and ‘Pride parades’ and ‘National Coming Out Day’ – October 11.” — Henry Makow

10/13/12: Pinkos Invade Last Male Bastion, Football –

That’s a great (& humorous) article & I’m not even a sports fan. But a PINK *WHITE* House? Oh brother. It reminds me of PEPTO-BISMOL! I’m feeling very nauseous all the sudden:

One reader comment included links to these additional “homosexualization of America” photos:

“Houston City Hall Rainbow Lights for Pride Week 2012”:

And from 2008:

“Civic Center Shows the Gays A Little Love” – Curbed SF:

Those last two photos reminded me of a photo I saw/saved/loved from three years ago… A row of gorgeous TROPICAL-COLORED rocking chairs sitting on a front porch. I LOVED them! As a native Floridian I have been a very passionate fan of TROPICAL colors from waaaay back when:

Aren’t they the cutest thing? Yeah, I thought so, too!

HOWEVER, it did NOT occur to me UNTIL JUST NOW that those awesome TROPICAL-colored rocking chairs were probably a HOMO “RAINBOW” SIGNAL because…

…BECAUSE the photo was from the *KEY WEST* Chamber of Commerce website! And Key West has LONG been one of the MEGA-HOMO hot-spots in the country. Booo! And if you notice, the rocking chair colors are lined up in the same exact order as the Civic Center window colors: Pink Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple!

Photo credit: Key West Community Information:
http://www. keywestchamber. org/community_info/

(Sadly, “Tourist Towns” will sell their soul just for a buck. Orlando & Tel Aviv, among others, have done the same thing.)

New World Order Social Engineers: Definition: Unsavory characters who take the beauty & glory of God’s creation & use it to promote a LIE.

–Branded666 NWO Dictionary