New article, photos, & detailed descriptions regarding the Masonic & Esoteric symbolism of the very ugly & seemingly totally out of place “two pillars,” their 13-black/white stripes, the hands/hand-signs atop each, & the eerie messages written on them; along with the black/white-capped pyramid that sits between the two pillars, all in front of this huge Maryland IRS building built in 1997:

11/28/12: “IRS Headquarters, Maryland” – The Vigilant Citizen Sinister Sites Series:

Please go read VigilantCitizen’s excellent blog for the details as my Branded666 blog is just for saving photos, mostly.


Below: Up-close shot of the two pillars & hands:

Below: Same two pillars depicted in Masonic artwork:

Below: Same two pillars inside Masonic Lodge, along with the black/white floor, just like the black/white IRS pillars:

Next: Creepy message on one of the IRS pillars:


Below: The fake “god” Hermes & finger pointing, ditto the hand on the IRS pillar:

Next: Masonic art piece with finger pointing to their “god” Lucifer:

…And secret society initiate, Plato, below, doing a digital-ditto:

BTW, Joel Osteen is the most incessant finger-pointing-preacher I’ve ever seen on TV; he does it all the time! Is he simply an animated speaker or a “fellow initiate”?

Next: The pyramid between the two pillars:

Notice “We The People” form the black base & the self-proclaimed “illuminated ones” are the white cap on top:


Last but not least, Masonic-controlled Israel has their own pyramid, pillars, with the black/white duality esoterica encircling it:

Speaking of doubles/duality, back in 2010, Texe Marrs created this nifty poster showing the Masonic Doctrine of the DOUBLE-MIND:

Larger .PDF size here:

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6/30/10: The “Double-Mind” Theory & Practice of Hell & Illuminism: Texe Marrs Report – (info in Comments section as this was an import from old TPR-posterous blog which never worked correctly):

Here’s the original VigilantCitizen article link again for more indepth symbolism details: