[Photo: Lion House at Bronx Zoo with the Masonic “two pillars”]


“A hidden body of ancient spiritual wisdom lies encoded in the architecture of the Bronx Zoo in New York City. It was put there by the architects and stonemasons who designed and built the zoo’s central structures at the turn of the last century. This wisdom is akin to the “lost” doctrine of the Freemasons and bears every evidence of having been designed and built by (true operative) Masons. Visible in the shape, blueprint, layout and iconography of the zoo’s key buildings and landmarks, the message conveyed is one of spiritual illumination, aimed at leading a seeker toward expanded consciousness, nirvana, and ultimately the higher Self.”

2/21/13: “The Occult Symbolism of the Bronx Zoo” by Richard Cassaro:


That is a very neat, tidy, good looking website, design-wise, with many photos & abundant explanatory details of the “Secret Mysteries” of Freemasonry, the “Third Eye” of Eastern Mysticism, etc.

The PROBLEM is the poor guy actually BELIEVES all that demonic garbage he writes about, & describes it as something admirable & worthy to be attained rather than to be avoided like the Plague of Darkness & Deception that it is! His bio says he was “initiated into a Theosophist Society” >> well, that explains it, hello Madam Blavatsky, “mother” of the “modern” “New Age” = Old Age Mystery Schools, Eastern Mysticism, etc.:

“What concord hath Christ with Belial?” (2nd Corinthians 6:14-18)

With that warning in mind, it would be as good a site as any for research/facts/quotes re the “mysteries” from the esoteric authors themselves. He did a good job documenting his references.


Cassaro also authored a 2011 book, “Written In Stone,” above. From the description (caps added by me):

“Fearing their principles might one future day be forgotten, the Freemasons who built the towering churches, castles and cathedrals of Europe (and America) carefully ENCODED this SECRET WISDOM into the architecture of these monuments.

“By matching cathedral architecture with ancient temple design, Richard R. Cassaro shows the UNIVERSALITY of the WORLD RELIGION, thereby demonstrating that the ROOT wisdom of the Masonic Fraternity is THE KEY to the perpetuation of a life-changing ancient SCIENCE of MIND expansion and enhanced SELF-awareness.”

A half-dozen Scriptures flooded my mind to counteract the error of those statements! If you are a Christian you know them already:

“In SECRET I have said NOTHING”! (Jesus @John 18:20)

“Every rotten tree will be axed from its ROOT”! (Jesus @Luke 3:9)

“Mystery, Babylon, the Mother of the Harlots [“WORLD RELIGION“] who has fornicated with the kings of the earth”! (Jesus @Revelation 17 & 18)

THE KEY of Hell & Death”! (Jesus via John @Revelation 1:18)

Antichrist’s [“MIND SCIENCE“] “religion” involves
“understanding dark sentences”
& “causing craft to prosper”! (Prophet Daniel)

The only “SELF-awareness” a person needs is that they are a born sinner in need of a Savior, & that salvation is “NOT of ThemSELVES” nor via Freemasonry’s “boastful works” (Jesus via Paul @Ephesians 2:8-9 & Romans 5:12)

No disrespect to Mr. Cassaro, but he is simply a deceived soul like so many others, chasing rainbows & running in circles, anything to avoid seeking & “bending the knee” to our Creator God, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Bottom Line: If you want a book re occult & esoteric architecture, consider the one by Texe Marrs. He is not deceived by the “Secret Masonic Mysteries” but exposes it for what it is, a death knell for the world:

“Mysterious Monuments―Encyclopedia of Secret Illuminati Designs, Masonic Architecture, and Occult Places” ― Massive 624 Pages, Large Format, 875 Photos & Illustrations:

Cassaro’s “Written in Stone” book title reminded me also of’s “Riddles in Stone” DVD documentary re the “Secret Architecture” of Washington, DC:

See also Marr’s “Codex Magica” tome: