“This article commemorates the heroic Christian nationalist leader, Corneliu Codereanu (1899-1937), and his Legionary Movement (‘The Iron Guards’) now smeared as ‘fascists’ in the Illuminati-controlled mass media.”

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3/2/13: “The Last Breath of Romanian Nationalism” – by a guest author at henrymakow.com:


The red poster at the top appears to say MARXIAN TALMUD. If so, that’s just about the only two words you need to know to understand “modern” history. The BABYLONIAN TALMUD is the “playbook” of the Antichrist Luciferians, the “rabbinical doctrines” still espoused in “Judaism.” And of course MARXIAN refers to the ideology of the Jew Karl MARX: Marxism = Communism = Fascism = Fabian Socialism = Feminism, Etc. = Every “ISM” created to subvert & overthrow nations morally, spiritually, politically, financially, comes from the same source.

Just Remember: History Repeats Itself on Purpose, Not by “Accident.”