Warnings From Jews About NWO-Jews

All above photos are from this article, please go read it (& you’ll understand why DHS needs that new $3.9 billion centralized HQ):

4/5/13: “The Jews Behind Homeland Security” – Real Jew News by Bro. Nathaniel Kapner:

He did a follow-up with more “names/faces” photos here:

4/13/13:  “The Israel/Homeland Security Connection” – Real Jew News by Bro. Nathaniel Kapner:


See also:

4/16/13: “Illuminati Strategy is to Invent Danger” – by Henry Makow, PhD – re the admissions in the diaries of former Israeli Prime Minister Moshe Sharett:


Both Kapner & Makow are Jewish men, genetically, but not cognitively, emotionally, “tribally,” nor “religiously.” Kapner is a long-time convert to “Orthodox Christianity,” & Makow is basically secular in that regard. Both have long since woken up to the “Jewish hand” behind the machinations of the New World Order & are on the forefront educating people about it. Save their sites as both are updated regularly.