Above: Official US Army “Psychological Operations” (PsyOps) Logo, notice their “Motto”:

The logo was part of this graphic posted at CluesForum:

A great quote from another CluesForum thread that ties in to the PsyOps goal to “Persuade, Change, Influence”: 

…PsyOps are all about creating illusions, and just like stage magicians they use the same kind of trickery that’s worked for millennia:

“Magic is the pretended performance of those things which cannot be done. The success of a magician’s simulation of doing the impossible depends upon misleading the minds of his audiences. This, in the main, is done by adding to a performance details of which the spectators are unaware, and leaving out others which they believe you have not left out. In short, a performance of magic is largely a demonstration of the universal reliability of certain facts of psychology.”
–John Mulholland, The Art of Illusion, Charles Scribner & Sons, 1944.

Source:  “The Age of Media Fakery: Threshold of the Simulation” –

The reason that I liked that Mulholland “magic” quote is because the New World Order is VERY occultic, based on alchemy, the Judeo-Masonic “craft,” & Talmudic black magic, something CluesForum does not get in to since they are only interested in exposing the tricks of the technology being used by these “modern” black magic “magicians.”

Their combination of “spells” & “technological” & “psychological” “trickery” is working…

“Boston Lock-Down door-to-door police raids” video set to children singing patriotic song… quite effective if you “get” the message! 


If by any chance you didn’t “get the message,” it is this, people have a cognitive disconnect between what they THINK & what is REALITY.  This is Psychological Trickery.

ILLUSION:  “We are America.  We are the good guys.  We are strong.  We are patriotic.  We will never be overthrown.  Our government & the people who run it love us & will take care of us.  Anything they do to us is for our own good.  There is No Evil.  There is No Devil.  All Bad Guys are from Somewhere Else [fill in the Flavor of The Week Culprit/nationality].  Life is Good.  All is Swell!”

REALITY:  “We [the Bad Guys, see further above] have been robbing you blind since 1913 [Federal Reserve Bank].  We infiltrated your Schools & Universities & Dumbed You Down on Purpose with our indoctrinating liberal, anti-God curriculum.  We own All Media, TV, Hollywood, Newspapers, News, Advertising, & Porn.  You only read/watch/see/know what We Want You to Know.  We set up all Social Movements to ‘persuade, change, influence’ you, from ‘Intellectualism’ to the ‘Enlightenment’ to Darwin to Freud to Kinsey to ‘God Is Dead’ to ‘the Bible is a Hoax’ to Humanism to Hippies to Feminism to Radical Homosexuality to ‘Free Love’ Promiscuity, to Multiculturalism, ad nauseam.  We convinced you (& made the laws) to murder your Unborn via mass legalized abortion.  We created it all to weaken, deceive, pollute, dilute, & morally corrupt you from the inside out.  We created all Wars & World Wars & we use Your Country & its Military as our ‘Global Bull Dog’ to bring other nations under our control & used Your Kids, not our own, to fight those wars.  We infiltrated Your Churches to teach you our Judaized version of Christianity to fool you (didn’t the Apostle Paul warn you of that very thing?  You weren’t listening!  Oh that’s right, how could you since we convinced you Paul is a heretic, that Jesus was ‘gay,’ that God is Dead, that Genesis is a joke, that you ‘evolved’ from pond scum, that Prayers in Jesus’ Name are illegal in public, that Christianity is not allowed in schools, that crosses & Ten Commandments are ‘hate symbols’ to the rest of us, etc.).  We created ‘terrorism’ & ‘boogeymen’ (our patsies & dupes) to fool & scare you so we could step in as your ‘benevolent saviors’ with FEMA, DHS, TSA, EMS, ObamaCare, ad nauseam, via stringent freedom-choking laws, & a federalizing & militarizing of your local police (we dressed them all in black scary attire! & we teach them that you, the citizens, are their enemy).  We infiltrated & brainwashed your local city officials to conform to our agenda, including your judiciary & court systems, your hospitals & doctors.  We have been planning & working on all this for centuries via our generational bloodlines.  We’ve always had the money to do it because we took it from you.  There is a Devil, btw (& we convinced you that History Repeats Itself by ‘Accident’ & that there is No Conspiracy to Control The World!)  His name is Lucifer, the Light Bringer.  He is Our god.  Babylonian Magic > Talmudism > Judaism > Freemasonry > Babylonian Talmudism, right back where we started. The Time is At Hand.  We are Almost Finished. Welcome to the Secular (No God) New World Order, Novus Ordo Seclorum! Ordo Ab Chao, full speed ahead!”   

THE DIFFERENCE between the illusion-bearing masses & reality is technically called COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.  If you’re still suffering from it, Get Saved, Get God (the Real One), & Get Busy Learning.  He will help you!


Above Video Link:  
http://www. youtube .com/watch?v=W1_PxLmxvNA


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