Just cleaning out my poor overloaded iphone photo library, these are obelisks previously collected back when I made the header-pic for this blog , blending the pics together via the Panoramio360 iphone app.

Obelisks are really phallic symbols which date back to the ancient “mystery religions” of Egypt & Babylon, the legend of the fake “gods” family of Osiris & Horus, et al, who basically “lost his weenie” (no joke, but I forget the details now, you can google it).

So any time you see an obelisk you can know you are looking at a big phallus commemorating the hatchet job of the male genitals of an ancient occult non-existent “family.”

These huge sex symbols are notably located in the inter-connected Judeo-Masonic power centers of the global New World Order, ie, London, Washington DC, the Vatican, & Israel. So that right there says it all!

…And, of course, the Talmudic Judeo-Masonic Six-Pointed “Star”/hexagram on the One Dollar Bill since 1935, the homebase/nation (USA) being used to implement the One World Government…