The “War On Christians” Does Not Originate With Obama!

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World Net Daily’s newest issue of their WHISTLEBLOWER Magazine:


Also discussed here:

“President Lucifer Declares War” – a Catholic blog:

The problem with sites like World Net Daily & the second one above is that they both misdirect the truth away from the real culprits & always blame Obama (a very shallow understanding of world events). The source of the problem is higher up than Obama Bush Clinton, et al.

The real & obvious ongoing war against Christians, America in general, & all formerly White Christian Nations Worldwide, is perpetrated by Organized aka International Jewry (who have hated Christianity from its inception) & their created revolutionary arms such as the Vatican, the Templars, Freemasonry, the Jesuits, the Marxists/Bolsheviks/Nazis/ Fascists/Communists/Socialists, the ADL & SPLC, etc., but WND nor that Catholic blog will ever tell you that whole story.

You’ll get closer to the truth by reading sites such as this next one, though he is blinded by “institutionalized” & “ritualistic” Christendom (of which there is no such thing in the New Testament!), but he’s more “awake” than the other two sites above:

“Real Jew News” by Jewish-Convert to Eastern Orthodox, Nathanael Kapner:

And ‘s Archives – a secular Jew who has a good understanding of the menace of Organized Jewry vs. Christian America.

For Jewish involvement in Catholic Church history, see the article “Mystery Babylon: Catholic or Jewish?” at the “Watch Unto Prayer” site (google it). They nabbed it exactly!